Sep. 11th, 2012

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It's been a while since I've had anything to update, but as it's been a very busy few weeks and I'm finally catching a breath, I thought I should post a proper blog entry in here at long last with some of the recent happenings. Apologies as its not perfectly proofread, but if I did that too it'd be another 5 months before an update. :P

Eurofurence )

London 2012 )

Proms in the Park )

And now... well, after a fortnight of fun and games, things are back to the old grind. As before, I'm still on the lookout for new jobs as though the company seems stable it doesn't really feel like it's going anywhere. Though I have long since ditched recruitment agencies as they were just too much of a headache! I'm also keeping an eye on new places to live. As much as I like this flat, it's not great in the winter due to its lack of central heating and predisposition to damp, so I'm looking to move on. Possibly not even in Manchester, but I will keep you all posted.

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