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Sadly, after things were seeming so promising last week, they're on the other end of the spectrum now. Things were looking up for most of last week and they had said they were looking in to getting him out of there for the weekend...

That all seemed to change rapidly from Thursday. The father had been coughing a lot more for the last week or so as mentioned, and when the family went in on the Thursday evening, he'd been put onto oxygen and general breathing stuff, and apparently he wasn't looking good again (with increasing levels of incoherency).

With the continuing problems and lack of really picking up much after 3 weeks, they finally did a full CAT scan on the Friday. That's when multiple growths were revealed, initially looking to have started at the liver, but apparently already well spread to other parts of the body. Whilst it was possible they could have done biopsies to find out if they're benign or not, the doctor today called the rest of the family in to say any tests now would only serve to prove what they already know. That it's terminal cancer, and fairly well advanced.

Obviously this is not something you can ever really be braced for. Now it's basically just a case of making sure he's comfortable in however much time he may have left, so arrangements are now being made to try and find him a space at one of the local hospices assuming he does at least have that long, as day by day looks bad currently. In the meantime, the hospital ward have basically waved all the restrictions on visiting hours for the family, and said if they can get him space on a private ward in the next few days they will. Problem is, no one really knows how long he has now! >.<
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