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I do plan to do a bit more of a full con report from Confuzzled in the next few days (or possibly end up never getting round to it as is usual with cons), but thought I'd address one thing in brief first.

A few folks noted that I never seemed to stop around or talk to them for long at the con (and this was mentioned last EF too). To clarify, this is certainly nothing personal against anyone, but it's an unfortunate rooted thing that I get very uncomfortable if I don't spend a lot of time flitting, which is why you'll always find me doing it at cons and meets. I used to invest a lot of time in a small number of people instead, and ended up very badly burned by that when that used as a hammer against me later. As such, these days if I'm sat around a single group for long, I get a little paranoid of outstaying my welcome and prefer to keep moving. It's the same reason you'll tend to find I've never been part of any real cliques etc within furry circles, and tend to be very hesitant about pestering people on IM.

So yes, don't assume I'm trying to avoid you if I disappear quickly. =:P I probably love chatting away more than it may come accross, but it's more me just trying to shield myself in general.
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Apologies if I've missed anything important on LJ recently.

Even though I don't post much, I've always been much better at reading. However I've only been skim reading it recently due to certain topics doing the rounds so important stuff may have slipped through. I will be back in again properly once it dies down again though. ^.^
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Post received today from [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny and no rainbow wrapping in sight, so many thanks and hugs to the bun there!

Anyone else who's posted anything, I'm away tomorrow so if it's too big to fit through the letterbox I probably won't be able to get hold of it until Tuesday now. >.
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I recently signed up for Netflix. As I'm not one of those people who expects the latest blockbuster releases for pennies, one of these online services seemed a lot better value pricewise than getting Virgin put in (satellite dishes being disallowed in these flats). Due to a quirk in how the Netflix system works, I've actually been spending more time watching stuff off the US version at the moment just as it has so much more than the still fledgling UK edition (the latter I imagine will grow that way in coming years as rights are cleared), though even our side isn't looking bad so far.

I've certainly been impressed, and there have been real some gems I've found on there. Most kids series from the 90s seem to either be on the UK or US edition, which is like a goldmine for someone like me. I'm even tempted to start writing a review for every programme I watch on it, but that would be a looooot of text!

My latest find last night on the US side appears to be the whole 3 series of Redwall, so I may be gone some time...
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It is about time I got some new Ent shirts printed off really (which those who've seen me know I wear rather than badges normally), mainly to branch out a bit and add some variety, for various reasons I won't go in to. However it's got me wondering on whether I should get some stuff specially commissioned to go on them first, as it's really only certain poses or scenarios that work well. Anyone got any ideas on things they think would work well?


Apr. 17th, 2012 08:58 pm
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One thing that did come up recently was with regards to the Entei-rah partial suit. It's a nice suit, but I've never really been able to take to it well, resulting in it getting few outings. I finally made a few choices with it whilst away at the Frantic Eufuria dance event in Bristol the other weekend to help bring a bit more feel to it for me. As the colours are really so far from 'Ent', I am probably just going to change it into another rabbit of some relation and base a new character around it, with a full Ent suit to follow at some point in the future. This change would basically entail (no pun intended) replacing the tail with a scut, possibly developing a body suit to go with it, then some sort of character/background to go alongside him. Creativity is something I've not put to much use in quite some time!

Expect to see Mr X at some point in the future, with a little more bounce and life to him. Possibly even in time for Confuzzled at then end of May, but don't hold your breath. =:P
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Typical, I fire up Semagic to post something to LJ thinking I've not done so in waaaay too long, and it's unable to connect again. What big Russian political event is going off this time?

Annnnyway, nothing too exciting to report really. The job still trundles along much as before, though I do keep my eyes open constantly for new opportunities, but I'm desperately trying to avoid recruitment firms now as they were predictably useless. I have been extending my search further Eastwards too, as I have spotted I seem to have a lot of friends around the Leeds area these days, and it would be nice to live a little nearer to them.

The longer days are setting in, which is certainly welcome and makes the flat lovely once more (that brief heatwave the other week was gorgeous in here!). I am planning to do a bit of repainting to cover up some of the mould from the winter and make it as good as new. Knowing my luck, I'll just get that all sorted then end up moving, but I may as well make the effort. =:P
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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny!

(And hopefully your post got through today. I got it off pretty early on Monday, but never can predict Royal Mail)
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Apparently some folks on here are now in the mindset if I'm not following you on Facebook, I musn't be a friend.

If this applies to you, then don't let the door slam you on the way out! =:P
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I do still read most posts on LJ, for all I know the same cannot be said of many in return...

... however I do see the latest 'take the third letter, then repost this, otherwise you obviously don't read this' thing doing the rounds as being along the same lines as those 'if you don't forward this email to 10 people immediately, a child will starve' messages. If a meme is genuinely fun and interesting enough, it'll self propogate; having to make it a condition to repost is the sign of a poor one. So no I won't be taking part in them! =:P

And yes, I'm running a test to see how many people are *really* reading posts, so will hopefully appreciate this explanation. =;)
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Only a brief few minutes online today, but I definitely need to mention a big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny for the post through today. I was a little worried it mightn't make it in time, so it was certainly something good to see poking out of the letterbox during my brief return at lunchtime.

I'll be off back up Durham from tomorrow afternoon for a few days for the Christmas break again, and then I'm not back in work until January. It's certainly a break I think I needed this year!
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Post through today from both Eliki and yesterday from Beth (who has found one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen; I really must post a pic of that online at some point!). Thanks muchly to you both. ^.^

I had hoped to get everything remaining on my own outbound list sent out this morning from Sheffield, but due to a cockup with trains it didn't happen. >.< I'll have to chance sending on Monday instead, which hopefully will still be on time (RM still seem to only be taking 2-3 days at the moment).
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Ah, seems that an update to Semagic is needed to get it to work with LJ now. If anyone has been having bother connecting through clients since the recent DDoS attacks, try checking if there's an updated version available as it sounds like they've changed something which prevents most older ones connecting.

Got all of my solely letter based post out this weekend, so hopefully that should be turning up during the latter half of this week (and not a month later as Royal Mail managed last year). Parcels have yet to go, though RM are usually much faster at delivering the parcels in the runup to Christmas (they seem to put priority on the latter when its busy).
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Apologies if I've missed any important goings on here the last few days. I'm not deliberately ignoring people as I never do, it's solely that the DDoS attacks have had the main site down sporadically, and left Semagic unable to connect for nearly a week (it's flashy icon is normally what reminds me to check the friends page frequently). I'll be on more again once we get things back to normality though. =:)

On an unrelated note, Christmas postage should be happening early next week too for the usual suspects. I just need to get a bit of time early next week to get some letters written out. =:P
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So today we had a small 'tornado' right outside our office. Its impossible to know exactly what it was, but the sudden weather certainly seemed like the tail end of a hurricane from somewhere...


Our office is on the same junction where the falling bricks and chimneys were, though we escaped damage as far as we know. There's a charity shop directly opposite us too which had desks and chairs sat outside, and seeing those just swept into the air was insane. Thankfully no one was more seriously hurt, especially where the bricks came down along the high street and where the hairdressers had its windows blown through, but it was certainly an unbelievable moment over in about 30 seconds.

Hopefully tomorrow will be normal!
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For those not aware already, apparently as of 7.19am this morning I am now an Uncle.

... if I didn't feel old before, I certainly do now! ;)
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Yes, I've been quiet for a while, but no I haven't vanished off the face of the Earth for all I imagine not a lot of folks would notice. Originally I did plan to post a big update after Eurofurence in the middle of August, which was a blast as ever and probably one of the best I've been to since EF14 in 2008, but I've had a few things on my mind since then which put me out of the mood somewhat.

Expect a more thorough update soon though. Today I am possibly launching the website they've been delaying and giving me hell with for the past year now which will either make me happy or result in another month of headaches, but we shall see... :P
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To all the furries I know down London way, wherever you are in the capital tonight I really hope you are safe and well.

I do pray you have all missed the worst brunt of this chaos at the moment as despite the blanket media coverage I know in the grand scheme of things it's still in pockets, but I'll certainly keep each and every one of you in my thoughts during such nightmarish times.
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Two Youtube videos in a row from me? I know, I'll have a little word with myself later.

This time round, it's something I filmed myself which is a rare occurence. It's what made me a little late in to work this morning, and resulted in several other people having to wait due to me being the shutter key holder. But it was certainly worth it...

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Just got linked to this in IRC. I do generally like the 8-bit chiptunes people come out with, but this one I approve of more than most!!


(Not sure how I've missed this one up to now as I'm sure given some of the commenters it's been linked to before!)
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