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Birthdate:May 6
Website:Ents or Tails
Before you you see a fur of rabbit persuasion, with brown fur, a big bushy tail, and purpley-pink headfur, before suddenly wondering why reading an LJ Bio has turned into a muck description, and reverting to the usual way of describing.

Basically, there's not much to say. I'm Entei-rah, graduate in Software Engineering from the University of Hell (in Manchester), and these days back working in Manchester as a Website Developer. I could bore you all with long paragraphs of prose for a description, but instead I'm going to just go through it all in bullet point form.

  • I'm a rabbit furry/fur or whatever substitute you wish to insert there. Yes, this does of course mean I'm already condemnor'd to 7 levels of hell at death!

  • I'm back in Manchester nowadays after a few years in Ipswich, still working as a coding-type-guy, though prior to that I was in the North East. Hey, what can I say I'm a true Northern Rabbit at heart.

  • I like tails, but just in the sense of them being cuddly, fuzzy cool to swish about and such, and not in the 'omg, murr spooge' sense

  • Indeed, probably following on from this point, I am not available for yiff either on or offline, and no amount of 'oh come on its fun' or 'stop being such a spoilsport' will change this. Keep pushing that one, and its a very swift way to get on my wrong side, as several have found. =:P

  • I love wildlife, and the countryside in general... well except the hunting (for all I'm technically their prey, I still find foxes a beautiful animal)

  • I can be cynical, often controversial, opinionated, pedantic and fussy. I dont pretend to be proud of it always, but I have no reason to change. People who know me properly are generally tolerant enough to it by now, and at least it means you can get an honest opinion on things if you want it! =:)

  • Despite that, round friends, I do always try my best to be cheerful, friendly and supportive to them any time I can, as what else are friends for. ^^

  • I also have a slightly deranged sense of humour. It takes some getting used to, but if you do you'll soon twig I'm actually spending most of my time trying to make other people laugh with my comments.

  • I bounce around a lot, and can be huggy, though mostly only with those I know well. Hey, I'm fluffy for a reason! A lot of the time both are these are used to try and cheer folks up when I know they're down, so don't assume I can't do serious if needbe. I am past 23 you know. =:P

  • I love talking to folks online, but usually only if I know who you are. If you spring up randomly out of the blue, I'll probably not be too responsive!

  • Out in public, which you'll see me more these days at meets and such, I don't drink. It seems like a useless fact to put here really, but it does explain why if you're out of your head at a meet, I'll most likely be sitting elsewhere as I get along better when there's intelligable discussion going on. =;)

  • Most of my entries here are public, so you're not missing much by not being on my friends list.

  • I'm a huge fan of Watership Down, and (loosely these days) run the website Thank U Stars.

  • I do have my own furry site, Ents or Tails, but it's not very frequently updated, and the art on it isn't going to be winning any prizes soon.

  • I have one or two... or several hundred geeky interests, which probably makes me a bit of a geek, and is one of the few furry stereotypes I fall into. I'll cope. =;)

  • Are you still reading? er... in that case I'll just finish by posting a few links to some other bits of info....

    Entei-rah's Furvey (Updated 18/8/2008)
    (If you want a long read)

    Watership Down Code
    WD1.1 W++++ T+ N+++ S++++ RBi G+ L+>+++ g- F++++ A+>++ w++++ C++>++++ D->++++ t+++ P? r++ a21 sm nGBR c++

    My Furry Code (Updated: 18/8/2008)

    FLR3acdmr A C+ D+>m+++ H++ M++ P+++ R T++ W Z- Sm# RLCT a23 can+++ d? e++ f+ h+ iwf+++ j p sm#

    ~ Entei-rah
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