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It's been a while since I've had anything to update, but as it's been a very busy few weeks and I'm finally catching a breath, I thought I should post a proper blog entry in here at long last with some of the recent happenings. Apologies as its not perfectly proofread, but if I did that too it'd be another 5 months before an update. :P

The end of August saw Eurofurence in Germany come around once more. This was my 5th year running, and the third year at the current venue. For the most part it was a great time as ever, though I did find things a bit more mixed this year. The con itself was fantastic, but a few sobering incidents like being cast off on a table by myself during a group meal by the 'group', and also being subjected to invented rules by poorly briefed security on the fursuit lounge overshadowed things a bit. Conversely though there were a lot of wonderful people there who I never get anywhere near enough chance to see who made everything great. Though I didn't manage to spend much time with Hawthorn, which is always something I look forward to. >.< Early plans at the moment are to be back again next year, though as it looks like it'll be the fourth year in a row at the same venue in Magdeburg and every year is tending to be a bit samey now, I am starting to consider ways I can either make things fresh and different, or possibly even go somewhere completely different for 2013.

London 2012
A week after getting back, or this weekend just gone if you prefer, I was back off work on the Friday again for more events, a little closer to home in London this time. After missing out on the Summer Olympics, which I'm sure most of you have probably heard about somewhere, I managed to secure tickets for the Paralympic Athletics on both Friday night and Saturday morning. Friday was pretty close to the trackside, and allowed me to see us win a gold (and then amuse myself with most people mumbling anything beyond the first line of our national anthem), and Saturday was right next to the cauldron (which gives off a *lot* of heat, if ever you're looking for somewhere to roast marshmallows). This gave me a fantastic last minute opportunity to see both the Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium itself in the flesh before it closes, and was well worth going. I was only there by myself, however the atmosphere generated by both the games makers and the crowd certainly made never me feel lonesome. It was also great to see the levels of support being provided by the British spectators to everyone, irrespective of nation (though yes, the atmosphere when any ParalympicsGB athletes appeared was even greater! :P). I wish I could have gotten tickets for the closing ceremony too as having seen that on Channel 4 on Sunday it looked nearly as good as the original Olympics opening ceremony, but as I'm the only developer in the office at the morning due to other holidays, taking both Friday and Monday off would have been pushing it. Ultimately though, I am happy to say I got to see this place at least once as given it could be another 50 years before we host again, it's probably the last chance I'll get on home soil!

Proms in the Park
Saturday evening continued with a small group of furries down at Proms in the Park. People will remember I have attended the events in Salford in the past and always loved these. Unfortunately they were axed as part of council cutbacks last year, so this year I went for the big one down in Hyde Park in London. I don't think I've ever known it be so sunny in September, but the sweltering wait was worth it for what turned into a great musical evening, with a large picnic and a lot of good company. Unsurprisingly, a lot of references to the olympics featured quite heavily throughout the evening given the summer just passed, but it gave a last chance to be patriotic flagwavers and proud of the country, something that it's rare we do as a group. You always know its a good sign when you practically lose your voice from singing... and apparently I was mincing a lot to Kylie Minogue, though I'm not convinced about this! >.> Sadly I managed to miss my coach back on the Sunday and had to get an expensive train back up instead (have I mentioned I miss my railcard), but in the grand scheme of things a tiny thing like that couldn't overshadow what was a fantastic weekend in the capital!

And now... well, after a fortnight of fun and games, things are back to the old grind. As before, I'm still on the lookout for new jobs as though the company seems stable it doesn't really feel like it's going anywhere. Though I have long since ditched recruitment agencies as they were just too much of a headache! I'm also keeping an eye on new places to live. As much as I like this flat, it's not great in the winter due to its lack of central heating and predisposition to damp, so I'm looking to move on. Possibly not even in Manchester, but I will keep you all posted.
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