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I'm not generally a one for abandoning ships, but the future for LJ's main site now... well... doesn't look like it has one, so I've finally gotten round to setting up on here. True I'm not exactly a prolific poster these days, but it's good to have a base for the archive in another location.

I've also managed to get Semagic to actually work posting to here without generating an error every time it starts up. This is progress!

Although having to re-follow everyone on DW will be a bit of a pain. I thought people being able to claim their LJ OpenIDs on here was supposed to have avoided the need for this, but apparently not! Actually the whole way they've changed the friends setup on DW will take a bit of getting used to (and doesn't work at all with the Semagic client apparently).
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Happy Birthday today to [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny and I hope you have a great day.

Hopefully your parcel/card will make it there safely today too!

(Addendum: Also had a text from Bungle who asked me to pass on birthday regards :3)
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Well after a lovely but quiet Christmas, it seems another new year has slipped round again without me realising. As I probably don't need to say, 2014 is a year I am not going to miss in a hurry for multiple reasons, but I'm hopeful 2015 is going to be a better one. I've got a stable looking job now, and already have a few events and holidays I'm looking forward to planned in for later in the year. Hopefully within the next few months I'll also be moving to a new and bigger place within Manchester and whilst I don't have a huge circle of friends, I do feel I have a good group I can genuinely trust and connect with now.

I've not actually been able to think of any real resolutions for this year. I could dig out the generic ones like lose weight, spend more time with friends etc etc... but to be honest, I was already doing most of those for the last 4 or 5 months of 2014 so they hardly count as 2015 goals. I'm sure I'll think of something in the coming weeks though!
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Thanks everyone for the kind words on the post the other day. The speed of events did come as quite a shock to us, but the support from everyone these past few weeks has been amazing. There's still the one more difficult day to come this Friday, but I'm hoping that'll go okay!

Also I'm a little belated with this as I didn't get back to Manchester until Monday, and then I was out all of Tuesday night. But many thanks to both [livejournal.com profile] eliki and [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny who's parcels made it safe and sound in the post for my birthday on Tuesday (always a bit of a risky one when there's a bank holiday involved). What was said in the attached letters in particular was very much appreciated as ever! *snugs*
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Just had the almost inevitable now news through this morning, albeit a lot quicker than we were expecting. My Dad passed away around 2.30am. It's devastating to hear, and I'm still a bit stunned at the moment. I suppose if there's one saving grace it's that in the end he seemed to go very quickly with little pain, rather than there being any longterm suffering (they'd only started him on morphine for pain relief yesterday). Assuming he's not been lying about it for months mind!

Gonna have to head back up home today for a few days. Apparently my sister hasn't actually been told yet, as she went into labour around 6.
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Sadly, after things were seeming so promising last week, they're on the other end of the spectrum now. Things were looking up for most of last week and they had said they were looking in to getting him out of there for the weekend...

That all seemed to change rapidly from Thursday. The father had been coughing a lot more for the last week or so as mentioned, and when the family went in on the Thursday evening, he'd been put onto oxygen and general breathing stuff, and apparently he wasn't looking good again (with increasing levels of incoherency).

With the continuing problems and lack of really picking up much after 3 weeks, they finally did a full CAT scan on the Friday. That's when multiple growths were revealed, initially looking to have started at the liver, but apparently already well spread to other parts of the body. Whilst it was possible they could have done biopsies to find out if they're benign or not, the doctor today called the rest of the family in to say any tests now would only serve to prove what they already know. That it's terminal cancer, and fairly well advanced.

Obviously this is not something you can ever really be braced for. Now it's basically just a case of making sure he's comfortable in however much time he may have left, so arrangements are now being made to try and find him a space at one of the local hospices assuming he does at least have that long, as day by day looks bad currently. In the meantime, the hospital ward have basically waved all the restrictions on visiting hours for the family, and said if they can get him space on a private ward in the next few days they will. Problem is, no one really knows how long he has now! >.<
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Happy Birthday today to [livejournal.com profile] eliki :)
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That lovely mog of lovelyness [livejournal.com profile] eliki has apparently sent me a nice new box full of soft chips to nest in for the winter. Many thanks, and I will be going into hibernation in it right about now I think! ^.^
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I was planning on posting a bit more of a report on Eurofurence, but to be honest the writing mood has somewhat gone now (nothing to do with the con). Suffice it to say, EF was fantastic fun though, and was a great way to finish off their last year in Magdeburg. Having some of the Mongrels team over made for some fascinatingly different panels to the usual, and it was also amazing to see the fursuit walk bring the town to a standstill, with several thousand members of the public having turned out to see the suiters perform.

And of course some photos:-
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This month has been quite a busy one, even by my standards. The main bulk has been taken up unusually by furry cons. I was up to Inverness at the start of the month for a small con, and then I fly out tomorrow for Eurofurence once again, marking my 6th consecutive year there. It's pretty rare I'd hit so many cons in such a short space of time, but I decided to hit as many as possible to redress the balance from CFz this year (cutting spend at the con and dropping sponsorship also freed up some cash to spend elsewhere :3).

As usual of course, I've left way too much to do 'till the last minute. I've got to get out of work early today just to sort out foreign currency and pack my case, mainly as I fly out 7am tomorrow. I swear I'm prepared!

Finally, 10 years since I sortof 'joined' the fandom passed over the weekend. Rather by coincidence timewise, it was marked with the addition of a fourth alt species. Those who've known me for a while (and haven't dropped out of furry subsequently), probably know I've had a mouse and dragoney Ent floating round since way back in 2005, but no core characters since. Over the past few weeks I've been working on adding a bat to the wings (I know I'm here al week) too. That's still only 4 in 10 years, so I'm not quite headed down the road of being one of those furs with a fursona for whoever I'm trying to impress that week, and I'll primarily still be a rabbit like always. ;)


Right... I should get to work!
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Of all the things I ever thought I'd see online, being able to look on Rightmove and find the house I grew up in for 20-odd years is not one of them...


Seeing such photos is weird to say the least!
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In a somewhat surprising turn of things, apparently the parents will be moving house in the next month or so. Despite having lived in Manchester for so long, I still feel quite attached to the old place, and it's certainly a weird feeling to know the home I've grown up in and known for near 28 years soon won't be ours anymore.

This does also mean that, despite saying it would always be the same, if anyone sends any post then the address in County Durham should be considered no longer available for use. Most folks post things to my Manchester place anyway, but it's probably worth mentioning this just in case!
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Just a quick message inbetween working (honest!) to say a big Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny. =:) Hope your day is a good one!
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One huge advantage to never deleting my email archive:-

I still have an easily readable archive of my LJ comments from as far back as 2003. Who still remembers Wimborne ([livejournal.com profile] huskyteer ) and Shelltune [livejournal.com profile] avon_deer)?

I'm glad to say most of these people I still know today. And the really funny thing is despite people frequently pointing to the decline of Livejournal, most of those earliest commenters are all still active on LJ today! :D
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Server fell over completely this morning, and as of yet I've not been able to get things back online (people said the support were bad here when things do go wrong, and they weren't kidding). This means as of the moment, all my main email accounts are down. If you do need to get in touch, you can use my Gmail one for the next few days:-

enteirah @ googlemail with carrots .com

This has also unfortunately taken out all the websites at the same time, including all the [livejournal.com profile] eliki ones. >.< I've been working this evening to pull as much as possible of my partial backup hosting online for them, so all being well these should start coming up again by morning, albeit in read only mode. FTP will unfortunately be unavailable for a few days for updating things as I get this all properly fixed again.
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Yes, I promise I'll be doing a bit of an update to welcome in 2013 soon, especially now that LJ is actually working again. It's just been a busy few weeks!
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As I forgot to mention it, all my post to folks went out on Saturday. How long it'll actually take to reach people given Royal Mail's somewhat dismal Christmas performance in the last 2-3 years is anyone's guess, but hopefully it'll be appearing sometime this week!
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It must just be luck with the combination of themes/LJ settings I use, but I can see very little change on any of my pages with this latest *cough* user interface change from LJ. Did they abandon it already? I can't say I'm massively surprised to hear them still clamouring so desperately mind, as they once again attempt to remain relevant in a world where people have largely abandoned them. Myspace is over in the corner there.

At the moment, the only way I even knew anything had changed was because after 10 years they've suddenly decided my password is weak and at risk of compromise, so now insist on telling me every time Semagic logs in! :x
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In some ways I can't help but think social networking has gone so far back these days in terms of how people interact with one another. In days gone by, you used to have friendly communities like this on LJ where if there was something which created a lot of food for thought or you had a lot of things on your mind you were unsure of the best way forward, you could post it up here, and you'd often get a healthy raft of responses, debate and advice.

Nowadays, people have to rely on posting castrated-to-140-letter comments to the likes of Twitter which most folks don't even read, or posting stuff on Facebook/Tumblr, where the primary responses seem to be lazy-click 'xyz likes this, xyz shared this'.

We have progressed so well!
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It's been a while since I've had anything to update, but as it's been a very busy few weeks and I'm finally catching a breath, I thought I should post a proper blog entry in here at long last with some of the recent happenings. Apologies as its not perfectly proofread, but if I did that too it'd be another 5 months before an update. :P

Eurofurence )

London 2012 )

Proms in the Park )

And now... well, after a fortnight of fun and games, things are back to the old grind. As before, I'm still on the lookout for new jobs as though the company seems stable it doesn't really feel like it's going anywhere. Though I have long since ditched recruitment agencies as they were just too much of a headache! I'm also keeping an eye on new places to live. As much as I like this flat, it's not great in the winter due to its lack of central heating and predisposition to damp, so I'm looking to move on. Possibly not even in Manchester, but I will keep you all posted.
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